Something is moving in Online Marketing: Motion Picture Marketing

Advertising in the form of a network video is now a key component in the marketing mix of many companies. Not surprising, since film involve users much more than images or text, and video can be accessed virtually anytime, anywhere, thanks to an ever-faster network.

Introduction—videos as a core part of online marketing

Generally, videos belong to the most popular content types in the network, which proves to be especially fascinating for people who have an unbroken fascination with moving images. No other mediums evoke emotions and messages like videos, and they are therefore far superior to text and images, especially from a marketing standpoint. By constantly increasing bandwidth and having an almost blanket spread of the internet, the possibilities for moving images as marketing has increased. Under the motion picture marketing, one can understand an aspect of online marketing, by placing the video on the internet as online PR, marketing tools, and brand ambassadors. Thanks to its strengths, video marketing promises to generate a great deal of affection and target group accuracy.


The strengths of moving images

By the appealing composition of a story, pictures and sounds can create the best user experience and create brand worlds. Here, the moving image is a (customer) communication tool that generates great sustainability and effective coverage. The immediate response in all the senses of the spectators stay with them—in contrast to many other areas of online marketing— a much larger part of mediated information and hanging brand messages. In recent years especially, motion picture marketing has become increasingly important and has become an important online marketing tool alongside the “classical” display of advertising. In addition, the motion picture marketing corresponds to the acute changes in media use as young people shift their media consumption to the (mobile) internet. Today’s basic need for these “digital narratives” for entertainment and information can be optimally served by the moving image marketing.


The great potential of the moving image marketing

The enormous potential of the moving image marketing lies in the strong emotionality potential and the associated perception of each brand message. From a small start-up on medium sized companies, to large companies, moving image marketing provides an attractive option to a client, combining with the possibilities of social networks and web 2.0 participation to produce an intense and authentic contact.  This often goes beyond the potential of “normal” advertising, and speaks to the audience in a more emotional manner. Furthermore, additional information parallel to playback can be faded by plug-ins, in-page video ads, banners, etc. This allows the themed products and services to be directly accessed by viewers. In addition, search engines love video content and evaluate appropriate company pages better, situating them significantly higher in search rankings. The motion picture marketing is responsive to users both in stationary computers and mobile smartphones, underlying the enormous importance that video content brings to online marketing. Especially with the beloved explanation, image and product videos can provide an attractive staging and high production quality, effectively producing a wide reach and a positive image. But even large and lavishly produced commercials, internal corporate videos, and unusual viral clips – as part of a guerilla marketing campaign—have become integral parts of a contemporary motion picture marketing. Since effective video marketing can be successfully carried out with the use of relatively small financial resources, it is useful for both small start-ups as well as large companies. Nevertheless, the company must be clear that an ambitious and sustainably designed motion picture marketing campaign can be temporarily more costly than a mere display campaign, but the long-term effects are by far more sustainable and ultimately more cost-effective.

The conditions and requirements of the target group

As is in general throughout the online and content marketing, the content, quality, and practical implementation ensures success. Again, the saying “Content is King” applies here. It is mistakenly assumed that moving image marketing can pay for itself and the mere presence of a video will lead to desired results. To obtain increased conversion rates and an increase in brand awareness, the interest of the target groups must be active and aroused by delivering quality content and compelling implementation. The most highly affine network viewers appreciate videos that connects information, brand messages, and entertainment in a creative, sympathetic, and contemporary way. The modern user puts weight on quality “user experience” and wants to consume high quality and artistic content on different devices (stationary and mobile). At the same time, their attention span is relatively limited, which means that any form of video marketing must arouse the viewer’s interest within the first few seconds. The audiovisual aspect of this provides the actual information and messages, during which the imagery, camera, and music appeal to the emotions of the audience. The personal signature of the executing agency is crucial for the actual marketing value of the video. The content is not the only thing of great importance—the complex field of effective and targeted dissemination (seeding) of the content is important. The best videos are not successful unless the target is reached and directly addressed. Accordingly, it is essential to moving image marketing that the video is scattered in a targeted vicinity and there is meaningful interaction with supportive social media activities.

Conclusion— Motion picture marketing belongs to the (online) future.

No other media companies, brands, or organizations reach their respective target groups in such an emotional way as moving image marketing. Companies can use the format to offer their customers completely new user experiences and thus stronger brand loyalty. Target group specific video marketing can thus effectively contribute to a significant and sustained increase in brand awareness of a company. To this end, the viewers should give more value to high quality packaged entertainment. Neglecting this aspect of online marketing results in unused sales potential for the company. It is therefore not surprising that classic advertising formats on the net are increasingly being replaced by a video content. It should always be clear, however, that this case is not automatic, and there needs to be accurate preparation, creative & professional production, and sustainable support by a specialized agency. The effectiveness of a moving image campaign can only fully develop though an integrated approach, leading to increased sales and higher conversion rates.

Autor: Benjamin Müller | 13.05.2014