Is there a Magic Formula for the Virality of a video?

The key issues for clients and agencies is always what specific factors and mechanisms are responsible for the virality of videos. To produce a viral process with real hype is a difficult explanatory process based on complex momentum. As a social media and viral marketing agency, we deal almost daily with the topic of virility and want to share some of our experiences here.

The Virality phenomenon

A central question for online marketing is if virality is based on chance or if it is predictable and can be planned? From a marketing perspective, a viral video often appears as a very impressive phenomenon that often remains an enigma. Generally, it must be made clear that there is no magic formula for viral videos and virality cannot be forced. Nevertheless, there are a wide range of specific conditions that we, as a viral marketing agency, can optimize to significantly increase the virality of videos. Viral video campaigns are regularly a spectacular success, and there is a lot of hype. A current example is the “Super Geil” video, which can be seen at the end of this article. But even this success was no accident, but rather based on the work of an agency which has managed, though a mix of measures, to successfully push the virality of said video.  Although the massive spread of a viral vector cannot be forced, as a viral marketing agency we ensure optimal conditions and high quality content and thus significantly increase the changes of a successful viral video.


What does Virality mean?

Virality arises whenever a video causes a certain degree of activity and recommendation that a user can share with his friend and contacts on their own accord. From this point, chances are good that the video will be massively circulated without any further action of the original producer. This is done in the optimal case, using a relatively low cost, as well as the voluntary and free participation of many users. These act as effective disseminators within social networks. In an active viral marketing, the producer of the video tries to push the virality of the video in the beginning of the spread. It is therefore essential that all users are given the unique opportunity to share. The main tool of a viral marketing campaign is that the viral video is spectacular and emotionally charged, so it is then spread effectively to increase brand awareness and generate attention.


What brings the viral nature of the video?

Contrary to most commercial productions, you need less of a large budget, and more of a creative idea, originality, an exceptional implementation, and strong emotional approach to a viral video. Here, the viral video can put on humor, irony, and play with clichés, but it works just as well with other emotions. Strong feelings, social connectedness, or contacting elements are all topics that can help lead to virality. However, all this requires meticulous and precise planning. Generally, a successful viral video needs to trigger an emotional response in a viewer, and give them the desire to share the video with others. The higher the reactions to what they have seen, the more likely the video will be circulated. Planning a viral video and successfully implementing it requires experience and profound knowledge of the peculiarities of viral marketing.


Objectives and measurement of virality

Virality is measured, depending on the intended purpose, by the highest possible range within a target group. If virality is often associated with a particularly large quantity of spectators in context, the targeted quality can possibly have an even greater value for the customer. Accordingly, the question of when a video can be described as viral, depends on the desired target group in order to connect the specific content with the customer and the appropriate brand / product. If this is achieved, the viral content works to exceedingly add value. However, since not even the best and most viral potential can share itself, it requires professional preparation and execution of the viral campaign through a creative and experienced agency.

Implementation in Practice

Few successful viral videos are based on a low-budget production or regarded to be a pure fluke. In addition to the actual content, with high viral production, a good distribution strategy by the supervising viral marketing agency is also of fundamental importance. Often, there is an enormous amount of planning and an adequate budget behind a successful viral marketing agency campaign. Accompanying these are often targeted video seeding, SEM measures, YouTube ads, and extensive social media actions. In technical terms, the video must be divisible, simple, and straightforward. It is all about the simple embedding option for other sites, as well all maximum share-ibility, i.e. the implementation of existing share buttons for all major social media networks.  Also, the specific timing for the implantation of the targeted tends and topics is a very important factor for virality. In addition, the formal criteria on YouTube are an often underestimates but highly relevant factor. Sensible keywords, optimal titles, matching descriptions, and use of the target audience language results in the video being easier to find, encouraging a viral history. The most relevant online influencers must address if the viral video is online. They can use their influence and reputation as multipliers for directing your attention, enthusiasm, and interest in the video, and thus continue to push its virality. If all these measures are taken into account and have been optimally performed to produce a great virality of the videos, nothing stands in the way.


Conclusion: Create Optimal Conditions for Virality!

Lack of creativity and a lack of basic viral ideas can be difficult to offset by budget and the accompanying viral marketing measures. If all factors are put together, the conditions for a successful viral video campaign and the prospect of a positive outcome are fully given. It is often underestimated, but companies need the courage to cooperate with an agency to make something “new,” take the road less traveled, and to break free from rigid adherence to all corporate identity specifications. Virality lives firstly by a professional planning and optimum implementation by the viral marketing agency, and secondly by the courage of the customer. As an experienced viral marketing agency, we offer a comprehensive, full-service offer for all ideas, from strategic planning and creative / production of the video to optimum distribution of the viral videos.

Autor: Benjamin Müller | 15.04.2014