“Friends & Fans” – Video Seeding Campain from dot-gruppe for Paravan

The 360° viral and social media agency, dot-gruppe, overtook the video seeding of the explanatory videos for the “Friends and Fans” partner program from PARAVAN. This participant recommended products from PARAVAN for people with disabilities and benefit from lucrative credits.

Video Seeding der dot-gruppe für PARAVAN

Anyone interested can register on www.friendsandfans.paravan.de and fully benefit from the free and non PARAVAN affiliate. In order to ensure the optimal and targeted video seeding for the partner program’s videos, PARAVAN appealed to the social media and viral marketing agency, dot-gruppe. In the “Friends and Fans” explanatory video, the entire partner program from PARAVAN is explained in a sympathetic way and highlights the benefits for anyone concerned. To guarantee the optimal distribution of the explanatory videos within the target group, dot-gruppe cares about the appropriate video seeding. With coordinated SEO, SEM, social media, and influencer marketing activities, the video seeding is optimally matched to the target audience and customer requests.

In “Friends and Fans,” the participants recommend to people with reduced mobility vehicle conversions, E-wheelchairs, or mobility trainers etc. from PARAVAN. On the other side, handicapped individuals open up about the personal freedom they gain from good mobility. Dot-gruppe makes sure that this win-win situation gets the attention it deserves.

Autor: Benjamin Müller | 20.05.2014