Filemaker Introduction & Stadler Rail / Zanzibar

Dot-gruppe has impressed FileMaker for several years with their video seeding strategies. FileMaker creates custom business solutions for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the Web.

FilemMaker specializes mainly on supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs), as well as keeping track of larger companies.

Dot-Gruppe took over the seeding for the FileMaker introductory video to grab the curiosity of interested users.

The example videos from Stadler Rail and Zanzibar show FileMaker in action.

The Swiss train-builder Stadler Rail ordered its resources on “smart Tool,” a FileMaker-based ordering system that places the tool supplier SFS Unimarket directly in contact with its customers and links the orders with the company’s SAP system. The use of the solution on the iPad is especially interesting for Stadler Rail.

The restaurant Zanzibar operates with the FileMaker platform in all areas: from restaurant reservations on the ipad, to tracking goods movements on the iPhone, to the webstore for textile, wine trade, and human resources on the desktop.

Thanks to the rich network of blogs, opinion leaders, and social media channels, dot-gruppe is able to create the right audience in the areas of IT, business, and technology. Among the three campaigns, about 230,000 users have been reached. The blog and social media posts remain permanently on the web and are discoverable even after the end of the campaign.