Etat profit: Viral production with Formula 1 world champion Sebastian Vettel for Tirendo and Infiniti with subsequent seeding.

Dot-gruppe was once again able to prevail with its production and seeding unit. Both Tirendo and Sebastian Vettel rely on the YouTube friendly production and concept.

The video was filmed with 25 hidden cameras for optimum implementation. Experienced camera-man Marc Rogoll took over the camera department, complete with camera and operator team. Stephan Longin was director, and Bernard Longin was executive producer. Key accounts are a top-priority, so only the most experienced employees were awarded the project. The team consisted of 50 employees and freelancers, which allowed dot-gruppe top management.

This video shows the world star Sebastian Vettel in an unrecognizable get-up. Disguised with a full beard and accent, Vettel goes to an auto workshop and takes customers on a wild test drive, taking the Infiniti vehicles close to their limits. The customers do not recognize Vettel and are terrorized by his driving, complete with donuts and rapid burnouts, after which new Tirendo tires are due.