Etat Profit: Berlin Partner Health Week

The 360° viral and social media agency, dot-gruppe, will distribute the YouTube videos about Health Week, and event that takes place in Berlin every October. The seeding strategy, with its outstanding quality and wide-reaching publisher network in the health and medical fields, will impress Berlin Partners.

The focus of the campaign was the regional distribution of the video. People from Berlin and Brandenburg with medical interests were specifically addressed and expected as guests on Health Week. Accordingly, not only medically relevant, but also regional influencers and opinion leaders were involved.

The goal of Health Week is to show the many facets of health region and make them accessible zo s large public audience through a variety of events, information services, and activities. In addition, companies, hospitals, and organizations can imagine their own presentations related to the topic of health. Also on board is star chef Sarah Wiener, showing students how they can upgrade their lunchbox. Visitors, fitness and nutrition enthusiasts, and health enthusiasts get their money as well.