Renewed YouTube video production for Panasonic—to prove transformational Toughpads flexibility in the hands of architects

As part of the launch of the new Panasonic Toughpad product line, dot-gruppe has received for the third time now an order for the video production and is satisfied with the elaborately designed results.

After being tested by monkeys and resisting extreme weather conditions, the Toughpads now accompany an architect through his mobile workday. Since the rugged tablets withstands versatile and rapidly changing conditions of field work, the focus this time was given to the high flexibility of the Toughpads. With driving music and concise cuts, the video shows the various devices of the series as they transform in the hands of an architect and this literally adapt to the rapidly changing needs to the worker.

Particularly burdensome is the subsequent display design. The display image changes exactly in accordance with the touch of the protagonist and reflected glare from the environment, whereby the tablets are presented as extremely authentic and high quality. Dot-gruppe took over all aspects of the project, from conception, actor casting, production, and post-production, to subsequent video seeding.