Re-production for Tirendo—This time for television

New Tirendo commercials are appearing on television just in time for the summer season.  Following the success of the viral pranks with Sebastian Vettel, dot-gruppe received the contract for development and production a second time. Both spots were done by an experienced team, made up of the agency owners: Stephan Longin, director; Bernhard Longin, executive producer; and Marc Rogoll, director of photography.

A good dose of humor, entertainment, and provocation are as important to Tirendo as tires are. Therefore, Tirendo TV presenter Uke Bosse was brought on board. The 30-second spot shows on a split screen Uke Bosse and his friend, Sebastian Vettel, as Bosse explains proudly over the phone that he has installed his new summer tires by himself—although the viewers sees that he is actually sitting on a bench in the garden as an auto mechanic does the job for him. Two poignant scenes also show the performer in the animation style. In the second spot, Uke Bosse’s strength and charm are unmasked. This video focuses in particular on Tirendo’s cooperation, with more than 5,000 installation partners who offer motorists a professional tire fitting. The tires are delivered safely and at no extra cost to the selected service partners, so assembly is quick and simple. Look at the new spot for yourself, because your car wants it too!