Explanatory video production for middle class composite—ZGV E.V.

With the production of a single explanatory video by the Berlin 360° Social Media Agency, dot-gruppe, the Middle Class Composite presents its energy efficient project with understandable and specific target groups.

dot-gruppe - Mittelstandsverbund

With an info-video or how-to production for the project “SME for Energy Efficiency,” the Middle Class Composite has specifically turned to the Social Media Agency dot-gruppe. The sympathetically staged explanatory video highlights the energy saving potential of SMEs, and provides the case vividly, using some concrete examples. Furthermore, it is clarified in what form the Middle Class Composite can be effective and sustainable with its energy efficiency project.

As a viral video and marketing agency, dot-gruppe took care of the whole conception and implementation of the explanatory videos. This includes the development of a creative concept in close cooperation with the Middle Class Composite for the creation of the corresponding script, right down to the actual voice recordings. Great emphasis was placed on the specific customer requirements, modern production, and high production quality. The Middle Class Composite will use the finished explanatory video as a key item of information for interested SME’s on the project site, the YouTube channel, and within the association’s smartphone app.

The energy transition and general scarcity of resources puts energy efficiency as the focus for any sustainable corporate management. Accordingly, the viral video and marketing agency is very proud to actively contribute to uncovering energy savings in SMEs with the explanatory video for the Middle Class Composite.

The Middle Class Composite—ZVG:

http://www.mittelstandsverbund.de project page “SME Energy Efficiency”: http://www.mittelstand-fuer-energieeffizienz.de dot-gruppe: https://www.dot-gruppe.com

Autor: Benjamin Müller | 09.04.2014