Power Play Video Bavaria: Dot-gruppe’s seeding campaign for the Bayern State Department

The State Ministry of Bavaria has turned to dot-gruppe’s 360° service to carry out the strategic seeding for their explanatory videos for the online game, “Power Game Bayern.”

The challenging strategy game “I manage energy transition” makes each player energy ministers of power in Bavaria, so the energy transition and phasing out of nuclear power can be successful.

In the foreground stands the regional, targeted distribution of videos and high user interaction. The publishers from dot-gruppe place the video on major social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Instagram, and Pinterest. The seeding takes place in the narrow fields of energy, sustainability, and the environment. Thanks to highly targeted spread with relevant opinion leaders and influencers, over 189,000 views could be obtained.

Any interested person can log onto http://www.energiespiel.bayern.de/ and play the free and complex economic and technical challenges of energy transition. With this game, everyone can contribute their ideas about the power supply in Bavaria, and ensure that the phasing out of nuclear energy will be a success without the lights going out. In addition, fossil fuels are being replaced with renewable energy as energy efficient techniques continue to be developed. In this way, an attempt is made to bring young people to the subject in an exciting way.

The energy game is an innovative attempt to sensitize the future with complex economic, social, and technological challenges. Dot-gruppe is proud to support this project in order to pay more attention to the subject of energy policies.