dot-gruppe designs and produces ecommerce videos for Momox GmbH.

Germany’s largest second-hand online store joins dot-gruppe for brands ubup and mediamops in an advertising campaign.

Dot-gruppe again presents its expertise in e-commerce.

GF Bernhard Longin says: “More and more e-commerce brands have contacted us. We provide concept, production, and seeding from a single source. For the customer, it is important that the spots reach the goals and make a strong call-to-action. This is precisely what dot-gruppe does, as we have extensive experience with e-commerce brands.”

“Ubup” wants to make a character for itself with the commercial, and stand out from the competition. There are clear messages about price and quality. The animation style is characterized by a strong call-to-action.

Dot-gruppe has produced unique YouTube spots for both “Ubup” and “Mediamops”. These are characterized primarily by novel designs and push the various USPs to the foreground. In this way, targeted content is created in order to generate the greatest possible reach and increase new customer traffic.

Dot-gruppe has acquired the 360° service of the development and creative concepts for this project, from production to seeding.