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To get your video the attention it deserves, it should be presented across multiple platforms. Modern real-time generation is achieved by placing your content in exactly the right target group. 

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Maintaining and optimizing your videos on selected platforms, setting up channels, and interacting with your community are the next steps in your video marketing campaign. However: the bigger your community and the more marketing channels you have, the more time-consuming is the maintenance. We will gladly take care of that for you!

Channel management

Community management

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram? We ensure that your videos will be placed exactly where they will reach your target audience. We then optimize these channels to maximize your video marketing potential and attract as many users as possible to your videos – and thus to you and your company. A clear alignment of your channels, themed playlists and a design adapted to your corporate identity. The implementation of video SEO measures, adapted to the guidelines of relevant social media platforms, completes the performance of your channel.

Social media characterizes the digital dialogue. So do we – with clearly defined messages and strategically timed publications, we activate your community to pass on your video content or your messages and thus to increase your circulation. In addition, we regularly follow the comments of your followers and actively keep in touch with them – to turn followers into a loyal community. With the feedback we gain through monitoring your community, we develop further, relevant content and provide your users continuously with an added value.

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What is channel management?
By strengthening the front- and back-end of your channel, we maximize the viewers engagement and the growth of the number of subscribers. Our channel management generates usability, rankings and branding in a sustainable manner and delivers positive results regarding important success factors such as views, number of subscribers, video SEO, watchtime, customer loyalty, interaction and brand contacts.
Which channels do we support?
We take care of the quality control, quality optimization and quality assurance of the social media channels of our customers – especially the YouTube channels as well as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In connection with viral marketing campaigns, we realize landing sites, microsites and blogs as a central point of contact for the user. We also take care of the intensive work maintaining these sites – everything in order to make your content more accessible to your users and to strengthen your brand sustainably.
What is community management?
Whether YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – to bring these important social media channels into your video marketing strategy, building a loyal and active community is indispensable. This community must be maintained and managed on a daily basis, since long reaction times to comments and questions can have negative effects on the company. We take care to answer your users’ questions in a timely manner, react quickly and professionally in in the event of criticism and thus develop and expand the relationship with (potential) customers.


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