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From the dot-gruppe / Smarketer Newsletter: Success Route to the YouTube Summit - Part 3

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most effective marketing channels available to businesses. However, behind every successful YouTube channel is a smart and detailed strategy. To help you take your first steps on the platform, we've put together several practical hints and tips for you in collaboration with dot-gruppe, the experts in the field of moving images, storytelling and YouTube . In today's edition of the YouTube topic series, read what the cornerstones for a successful channel are and which mistakes should be avoided.

Preparation is half the battle

But before you get started, there are a few to-do's from the checklist to work on first and some strategic decisions to make:

  • First, determine the goal definition - what is the primary goal of the channel - awareness, lead generation, or both? If you're not sure, your Smarketer contact will be happy to help.
  • The target group definition later determines the content you want to present on the channel. Are your customers other companies or do you want to specifically offer your products and services to B2C customers?
  • Are you only active in Germany or the German-speaking region (DACH), or across Europe or even worldwide? Depending on your starting position, a single- or multi-channel strategy may be more suitable for you.

Once all strategic decisions have been made, turn your attention to planning for operational implementation. Like any social media channel, YouTube requires ongoing management as well as forward planning and timely content implementation. When it comes to moving image, the range of implementation options - and corresponding budgets - is incredibly broad. From low-budget to Hollywood-ready implementation, everything has a justification - depending on the objective. We therefore recommend that our customers start by creating a content strategy. This forms the basis for medium- and long-term production planning and defines the framework for all content to be produced.

Hooray, I have a YouTube channel! And now what?

Immediately after registration, you should give the channel your company's visual identity, using image motifs that are used in communication via other online and offline channels. Here, it should be noted that the header image is scaled and displayed smaller on other screen types. Tablet and smartphone users will not get the full channel image displayed, but only a smaller image cut off at the sides. By regularly updating the header image (e.g. monthly), an up-to-date and lively impression can be achieved.

Not to forget: the fulfillment of legal requirements. YouTube channels are also independent presences that require an imprint (§ 5 para.1 TMG). The so-called "2-click rule" states that the imprint should not be found more than two clicks away from the YouTube channel's homepage. However, when displaying on mobile devices, there is currently no way to consistently implement the legal requirement of "immediate accessibility".

The next newsletter in this series of topics, which we are implementing together with our partner dot-gruppe, is about producing videos on a small budget. You can look forward to many more tips and tricks. 

We are looking forward, see you soon!

Image sources: Adobe Stock / taniho, artemphorebniak