dot-gruppe works with a Known Travel Blogger for Deutsche Bahn!

Deutsche Bahn paired up with travel blogger Vanellimelli on a Germany tour and started the most exciting travel challenge of the year. Starting July 20th, she will travel with the Germany Rail for 21 days across Germany and well spend each day in a different town, where each participant has the chance to be her host.

Deutsche Bahn turned to the wide-reaching multipliers and social media influencers dot-gruppe.

The goal is to find 21 convincing participants, as well as 21 host cities. For this, dot-gruppe has wide-reaching lifestyle and travel blogs, as well as matching communities from all over Germany, who are thrilled to support the travel challenge.

Each day of Melli’s three-week adventure will be filmed and put on YouTube. The winner, whomever presents Vanellimelli with the most incredible day, wants a whole year of free travel with the Deutsche Bahn.

We remain excited!