What is the aim of your video marketing campaign?

Motion pictures are visually informative, entertaining and an especially important factor in digital marketing to generate conversions – because no other medium can bring information so captivatingly to your customers and partners as videos.

Conversions by using video marketing

But how does a video produce conversions? As an industry pioneer, we have learned that it comes down to the right combination – from precise video content, to an optimal seeding strategy and targeted remarketing. Thus, videos lead to a drastic increase in the conversion rate in companies. Whether you’re looking for revenue, business leads or better searchability on the web – we define content strategies, deliver media-driven videos, and distribute your content in the right direction by designing and programming landing sites, microsites and blogs as points of entry for your users.

46% of consumers said that they made a purchase after watching a branded video.”



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Conversion rate optimization?
We combine our expertise with selected measures to increase your conversion rate with your video content. This already starts with the production of the video content, because professionally and yet authentic videos encourage your customers in their decision to buy.


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