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Burda Net Night in Düsseldorf: Topic Online Video

Burda net.night relies on the expertise and knowledge of viral pioneers Bernhard and Stephan Longin, CEOs of dot-gruppe. In exciting dialogues and panel discussion, the managing director of dot-gruppe explained insights regarding social media and motion picture marketing to representatives from the marketing branch.

In the third Burda net.night of the year, digital experts from Smartclip AG and FOCUS Online, YouTube star manniac, and dot-gruppe CEOs Bernhard and Stephan Longin discussed current developments and future trends on the subject of online video. Keynote speaker Thorsten Schütte-Gravelaar notes, among other things: “The growth in motion picture marketing is growing rapidly, because more and more people prefer videos instead of reading text information.”

But what on the topic of video has changed in recent years? “The moving picture is no longer the monopoly of the TV station,” said Peter Seiffert of FOCUS Online. He continues, “Online video advertising is characterized by data and target groups.” New markets are opening up in the B2B sector.

In order to make channels like Youtube a long term success, there needs to be a video content strategy with multi-layered, regular content: “the users want a new look with an extraordinary level of relevance and surprise effects,” Stephan and Bernhard Longin explained in the panel discussion with Florian Litterst It can be drawn from the different ways of storytelling—the explanatory video to a vial spot.

“YouTube has changed a lot in recent years,” the YouTube star Manniac explains. The link between social media platforms and opportunities for interaction such as comments play a large role in this. “There is generally more original content, which has also become useful.”

Following the three sessions, the guests took the opportunity of personal exchange and continued the discussion with speakers at the Get Together