Air New Zealand entrusts dot-gruppe with the spread of their new Safety Video

Safety videos on planes are typically known for being boring and uninteresting. Air New Zealand (a New Zealand airline), however, has come up with a better idea for these videos, and now boasts worldwide fame for their unusual and humorous airplane safety videos.

 For their latest video, “Safety in Hollywood,” which was produced by Warner Bros. in LA, the airline brought on board Hollywood Actress Anna Faris. New Zealand comedy legend, Rhys Darby, played the secondary role.

 Within only a few days, the video reached over 1.3 million views on YouTube. Because of this success, the airline decided to present the video with German subtitles as well. dot-gruppe impressed Air New Zealand with their extensive video seeding concept, and took over the distribution of the plane safety video in Germany.

 The dot-gruppe has an extensive network of influencers, particularly in the areas of Travel and Tourism. Our company utilized this network for the Air New Zealand campaign.