TopsOfFashion interviewed hair & make-up artist Boris Entrup, Istanbul Next, Kira Lillie & Satu Maraanen at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2013

In context of the Mercedes-Benz fashion week 2013 our reporter could speak with one of the most famous hair&make-up artists Boris Entrup from Germany. We could speak with him personally in the lounge of Maybelline Jade. He spoke with us about trends for S/S 14, creative challenges and about his first fashion moment.

One of the most exciting looks this year was clearly the Moga E Mago show in which white porcelain skin, purple lips, and white eyelashes stood for the beauty experts in focus. Expect us to be in the F / S with many nude looks, colors in cool shades of brown, but still summery and easy to reapply.

During the runway samples, we spoke with Riani Designer Jürgen Buckmaier, who told us about his first fashion events. In Raini are F / S clearly black and white at the top, as well as pine green and sky blue with beautiful floral prints. These prints and colors can be found in pencil skirts, bomber jackets, and full skirts that were designed from jersey fabrics or network fabrics and packaged with lightness and elegance.

In addition, we sat together with the designers of Istanbul Next 2013 (Ece Gözen, Nazli Nozdag, Nevra Karaca) and the initiator, Gülriz Egilmez, in Westwing lounge and talked about fashion differences and similarities between Istanbul and Berlin, on first fashion and runway and many more moments of designers and fashion preferences.

If you are already excited and still want to see more exclusive videos of Berlin Fashion Week, then head over to our YouTube channel, TopsOfFashion.


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