TopsOfFashion on Berlin Fashion Week—Streetwear, Fashion, and Art meeting with Skateboard Culture

 TopsOfFashion mingled last Friday under the “Bright” tradeshow and was carried away by the skateboard scene. Berlin Fashion Week attracted many fashion experts, bloggers, journalists, and designers to the capital, as usual. And the TopsOfFashion team was there to offer you exciting insights.

This time, we went to the “Bright” tradeshow in Brunnenstraße. The former department store Jandof already presented well-known brands as well as young and upcoming labels in casual street style atmosphere for this purpose. As a tradeshow around the topic of street fashion, the skateboard culture unities here in a casual and relaxed atmosphere with the Art & Lifestyle scene. For many years, the “Bright” has been an important marketplace for traders and buyers. Nevertheless, one can find young and hungry new brands among the known exhibitions. An example of this is the label “Mipac,” which offers custom backpacks with a unique look. These personify and individual style, which is characterized by a wide range of colors and fabrics. The brand “Nixon” presents itself with new and unusual watch designs that pleasantly stand out from the crows and stand for an authentic urban lifestyle. We were in awe of the color, patterns, innovative art prints, playful materials, and shapes we saw at “Bright.” “Bright” embodies with its concept exactly what it stands for with its name—it is loud, boisterous, and provides plenty of opportunities to exchange ideas in an informal setting.

The unique concept of this tradeshow, the skillful mix or art, culture, and a diverse exhibitor portfolio will provide us with many new and exciting things for this upcoming year—just right for our TopsOfFashion YouTube channel.

Natalia Pietrasinska | Benjamin Müller | 24.01.2013