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As one of the first movers on this market, we can call on 17 years of experience that help us effectively and flexibly contribute to your current online marketing campaign, or successfully create a uniquely customized campaign to help you to achieve your marketing goals.

Where are you with your marketing campaign?

No matter what stage of your online marketing campaign you are at: we can develop a comprehensive video marketing strategy for you, from which unique video ideas and formats can be derived, cooperate with your agencies to create a holistic digital video campaign for you, or add final touches to your videos. And in order to establish video marketing in your company, we can also offer you and your team individually designed workshops.

So, tell us about your campaign and what you want to achieve. Together, we will find the right way to do it.

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Do you have a digital video strategy?
No? Together, we will develop a video marketing strategy that puts you, your company, your service or your product in the right light – the spotlight!
You want moving-picture formats?
For your company/brand, we will design authentic and memorable video content – precisely customized to you, your channels and your online marketing strategy.
How much does a video production cost?
Each case has to be considered individually, as several factors, including your campaign objectives, play a decisive role. We will be happy to make you an obligation-free quote.
Can your videos be found easily online?
17 years of know-how – our experts develop and realize seeding strategies for you that guarantee the success of your content’s seeding, and that your accomplish your campaign goals.
Have you considered influencer marketing?
With our extensive, Europe-wide network of influential publishers, we ensure that people in your target markets will talk about your video content – categorized according to topics and interests.
How will the success of the video marketing campaign be measured?
Our campaign reports provide detailed and precise information (including demographic coverage, retention time, conversions) for proactive and goal-oriented campaign management.


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