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Delticom/Infinity Cars - Tirendo
Delticom/Infinity Cars - Tirendo The viral power! Sebastian Vettel as a disguised mechanic asks for a test drive - in the best race driver manner. He's going crazy, the customer's gone crazy, and the media is cheering! A viral hit that went around the world!
BMZ Bundesministerium
BMZ Bundesministerium The story of how we made the YouTube channel of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development the second strongest channel of the German ministries - or: Success through optimal and data-supported YouTube channel management.
Ver.di & NGG
Ver.di & NGG Many fates and one central message:"Mindestlohn jetzt!". We let those concerned have their say in order to inform the general public emotionally and yet objectively about the relevance of the topic "Minimum wage" - with the aim of generating trade union members.
ERV Reiseversicherung
ERV Reiseversicherung What to do if you start your holiday without travel cancellation insurance? Our sophisticated video campaining "ERV travel insurance – or bootcamp?" reveals - and gives the ERV travel insurance a social hit.

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